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What is an EIR? The Entrepreneur in Residence

An Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) is a relatively new form of temporary position in corporations that is brought in from outside to provide operational assistance to existing and new innovation ventures.

Typically an EIR is a startup entrepreneur in between founding their next startup or someone who just recently exited from their startup. They provide deep domain and market expertise together with an operational agility and speed typically not found in corporations.

Some EIRs like the new challenges so much that they move on to become VP of Innovation where they served as EIR, some can only take so much of corporate life and move on after a set time to found their next startup having transferred startup culture and experience to the corporation they served with and others end up becoming CEOs of new corporate spin-off ventures.

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About +A RECRUITMENT The Leader in EIR Recruitment

Trusted Insider 20 years of digital innovation

We have global access to EIR talents and companies across industries and technologies.

Unique Talents You become who you associate with

We attract the most interesting talents and businesses because of our digital startup and corporate pedigree.

EIR Expert For founders by founders

We are the trusted go-to source for digital Startup Founders who recently exited or are currently in-between founding their next startup.

Low Maintenance Works like magic

Tell us your wishes and they just might come true. We believe in quality, not quantity - in communicating too.

Startup CultureTransfer it to your company

EIRs add agility and speed to innovation ventures typically not found inside corporations.

Low Cost No cure, no pay

Unparalleled 10% flat success fee on contract value for corporations or recruiters. EIR talents always ride for FREE. No extras.

BACKGROUND For Digital Founders by Digital Founders

Vidar Andersen

Founded on Experience

+A RECRUITMENT was founded by Vidar Andersen, a Norwegian award-winning digital startup entrepreneur and Internet Software Industry veteran of 20 years who has created many web- and mobile-firsts for global F500 corporations, NGOs and GOs. Along the way he has been helping talents find new opportunities and businesses grow because he loves to help good people succeed.


+A RECRUITMENT also serves as the HR arm of +ANDERSEN & ASSOCIATES, providing digital startup founders as Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) for their corporate innovation programs for global iconic brands.


+A RECRUITMENT excels at serving the increasing demand for EIR talents, providing startup founders and corporations with awesome opportunities.


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